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I scheduled an appointment with Marilyn for assistance in quitting smoking. After 2 sessions I found my cigarette cravings to be much less than what they were. Her hypnosis sessions, combined with other smoking cessation techniques, finally helped me to kick a 20 year habit.
Judy W

Although I was skeptical, I decided to try a session with Marilyn after a friend told me how hypnosis worked for her.  I needed to lose some weight, and after a few sessions with Marilyn I found it easier to stick with my weight loss program, and had a renewed confidence in myself that had been lacking.
Amy J

Marilyn has a clean, quiet, comfortable space from which she conducts her sessions. She has a calming presence that makes you feel relaxed almost immediately.
Connie L

To those of you who do not believe that hypnosis works, I suggest giving it a try. After 2 sessions with Marilyn, I had reduced my anxiety level, and had a more positive outlook on life.
Don K

I came to see her to help me with test anxiety at school. She showed me ways to relax before taking tests.
Paul J

After having bariatric surgery, and regaining all of the weight I lost plus more, I came to Heaven's Hypnosis and Healing to help me get back on track. I continue to see Marilyn to help me stay focused.
Julie M

My doctor told me to start an exercise program to help lower my blood pressure. After 3 sessions I now have the motivation to walk daily and have been on a walking program for the last 3 months.
Steve P

I came to Heaven's Hypnosis and Healing for Reiki treatments to help me relax, due to muscle spasms in my legs. The experience was very pleasurable and relaxing. I felt warmth while she was working on me.
Margaret O

I came to Marilyn for chronic back pain. I feel that the energy sessions helped me quite a bit to reduce the pain.
John W

Marilyn helps me with pulling stuck blockages out of my body with the energy techniques she uses. I do believe this helps my body with the stiffness I feel in my legs and hips, as well as it puts me into a very relaxed dream state.
Stella W

My mom sent me to see her for pain that I felt in my knee from playing soccer and suffering an injury. She has helped me feel significantly better.
Tiffany S

Marilyn uses tuning forks around my head, and I find that this does a lot to lift my spirits.
Angelina R

My 12 year old daughter was suffering from fear of heights. I took my daughter to Marilyn for a hypnotherapy session and it was amazing! The techniques that my daughter was taught has helped her tremendously! My daughter has been able to go on rides at ValleyFair that she has never been able to before. My daughter now sees the rides at ValleyFair as small and not scary! We are so so grateful for Marilyn! We would recommend Marilyn to everyone suffering from anything that they would want changed. Marilyn makes you feel very comfortable during the session and explains everything before hand. Marilyn is also very compassionate. She answered every email/phone call within 24 hours and has followed up with us to check on my daughter. We can not express our gratitude to Marilyn and her services enough. Our words do not even come close to the way we feel about Marilyn and her services. Thank you so much Marilyn!!!!! You have changed my daughter's life! Thank you, Thank you!! 

Ann K.

Please Note:  These client comments may contain references to medical conditions.  I want to state that I do not provide medical diagnosis or treatment.  The services I provide are for associated or incidental non-medical issues.  For example:  insomnia would be described as sleep improvement or better sleep.

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