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How The Mind Works

The 4 Laws of the Mind 

 Focus - Events and situations that occur in our lives shape our perceptions of how we view future events that will occur.  Focusing on the                    negative will create an adverse outlook on future events.  Focusing on the positive will create a favorable outlook on future events. 

 Association - When our thoughts are similar to our focused perception, positive or negative, our minds will link those thoughts to that focus.

 Repetition- When our thoughts and perceptions keep recurring in a repetitive pattern, our minds will accept them and believe them to be                           true even when they are not.  Our unconscious minds are not able to clarify what is actually true and what is not. 

 Expectations - Our expectations play a large role in the development of an outcome.  If we expect a pessimestic result, it most likely will                                  be.  If we expect an optimistic outcome, it most likely will be.

The word "Hypnosis" is Greek in origin and is derived from the words "Hypnos" which means "Sleep" and "Osis" which is a medical term meaning "State, Process or Condition." 

The results and outcomes of events that happen in our lives form  memories of thoughts, images and symbols in our brains.  These thoughts and images create a pattern which leaves an imprint in our minds, bodies and cells.  In response to these imprints, we develop reactions and behaviors in repercussion to a particular stimulus.  These reactions and/or behaviors will repeat when we experience similiar events.  These reactions may be positive or negative in nature.  Over time our mind accepts and believes that the results of the actions and behaviors that keep recurring is the truth.  The mind is not able to distinguish and clarify the difference of  the percieved believed truth from the actual truth.  Our minds will accept the unhealthy negative thoughts as a believed truth, even though they definitively are not. 

While the client is in a relaxed state of mind and body, the hypnotist will work with the client to guide them into deprogramming the negative unhealthy thoughts and reprogram those in to healthy ones through positive suggestions and affirmations.

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