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Reiki, Qigong, Healing Touch, Hypnosis,

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Hypnosis is the art and science of convincing and unconvincing yourself of any belief.  Hypnosis is the process of reprogramming untrue, unhealthy negative beliefs or thoughts that we have about ourselves and replacing these untrue negative beliefs or thoughts with true healthy, positive beliefs or thoughts.
A hypnotic state is often times referred to as a state of trance or in trance. A state of trance is a natural occurring event that everyone travels in and out of daily without even being aware of it.  This most often happens when we are watching tv, sitting at the computer, sitting in a movie theater watching a movie and driving a car.
When one is in a hypnotic state or in trance, you will feel very relaxed and are aware of everything that is going on around you.  You are in complete control of yourself and all of your behaviors and actions.  You cannot be made to do anything against your own will, morals or beliefs.  A hypnotist cannot make you do, say or behave in a way that you do not wish to.  If it was possible for a hypnotist to put a person under the control of the hypnotist, there would be no need for jails and prisons.  Criminals could be hypnotised to not commit crimes.  As we know, that cannot be done.

Energy Healing

Everything in our physical world is comprised of energy.  All energy has a vibrational frequency.
Energy healing has been done throughout the times by every culture under many different names, theories and techniques.  The Bible refers to it as "the laying of hands".  Today, energy healing is being done in hospitals, churches, pain centers and clinics, spas and private practice.
These energy modalities are now being taught in medical and nursing schools, colleges, therapy sessions and other settings.
During an energy healing session, you will remain fully clothed at all times.  You may lay on a massage table or be seated in a chair.  During the session the practitioner will either lightly lay their hands on or above your body.   The sessions are relaxing and you may feel warm, tingling or some other mild sensations.  Most people described these sensations as pleasant and very relaxing.
 Energy healing is not any kind massage technique and must not be confused with a massage therapy session.  There is no type of massage or manual manipulations applied to the body.   Marilyn Kraushar is an ordained minister registered with the state of Minnesota.  Marilyn Kraushar is not a licensed massage therapist.  Since, Marilyn Kraushar is an ordained minister registered with the state of Minnesota she may legally touch or lay hands on the body without having a massage license registered with the state of Minnesota.

Healing Touch

The theory of healing touch is that the energy field gets out of balance due to stress, illness, injury, grief and medical conditions.
The goal of healing touch is to restore balance and harmony in the energy system by helping the client facilitate self healing.


Reiki is a Japanese technique used for relaxation.  The word "Reiki" is made up of two works, "Rei" which means " God's wisdom" or "higher power" and "Ki" which means "life force energy".
Reiki is based on the theory that when one's "life force energy" is low or distressed, we are more likely to get sick and feel stressed.
While in a healing session using the application of Reiki, the practitioner lightly lays their hands on or above the body to help the client to help facilitate their own natural healing process or the body's natural ability to heal itself.


Qigong is a Chinese energy modality of moving energy.  The word "Qigong" is made up of two words, "Qi" which means "life force" or "vital energy".  The word "Gong" means "accomplishments" or "skill".
There are two types of Qigong, internal and external.  Internal Qigong is comprised of mind/body exercises similar to Yoga and is used to move energy.   External Qigong focuses on helping others heal.  The practice at Heaven's Hypnosis and Healing LLC,  focuses on  external Qigong.
Qigong is based on the theory that disease is caused by energy blockages in the body.  These blockages are caused by many things such as; emotions, stress, nutrition and changes in the weather and improper medication.
These energy blockages cause the body's natural healing system to malfunction.  The goal of external qigong is for the practitioner to help remove these blockages and to help restore the energy balance to help the body facilitate it's own natural healing abilities or the body's natural healing system.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is an alternative health care practice that uses the application of sound and vibration to help restore health and balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of an individual.
Sound healing has been used by ancient civilizations in rituals and ceremonies to alter the state of the mind and to bring them closer to God.  Tibetan monks continue to use sound and chanting to this day in sacred religious and healing ceremonies, American Indians, African tribal people and other cultures use sounds such as: beating drums, gongs, didgeridoos, singing bowls and voice.
Today, medically, sound is used in a variety of ways such as; to capture images inside the body, to reduce pain, induce relaxation and for other medical procedures such as Shock Wave Lithotripsy, which is used to break up kidney and gall bladder stones.  Sound is also used to break up bone spurs.
Biaural beat frequencies are used to alter the state of consciousness and shift people in to the theta brain wave state. (Theta state is the state of consciousness in the brain right before you fall asleep, this is also the optimum state for hypnotic suggestions.)  Biaural beat frequencies are used to help individuals relax and induce sleep.
Dr. Masaru Emoto believed that emotional energies and vibrations could change the physical structure of water.  Dr. Emoto's water crystal experiments consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures and music, then freezin g and examining the resulting crystals with microscopic photography.  Dr. Emoto made the claim that water exposed to positive sounds would result in visually pleasing crystals, but if exposed to negative sound would produce visually unpleasant crystal formations.  Dr. Emoto has proven that sound changes the molecular structures as seen in photos in his book, "Messages From Water".


Aromatherapy is the use and application of essential oils.  Essential oils are plant compounds derived from a plant's flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, rind and roots.  The plant substances are distilled to produce these oils.  Aromatherapists believe that these plants and essential oils have beneficial healing properties.
The use of scents and essential oils has been documented throughout history as being used for therapeutic and spiritual ceremonies as well as for medicine.  The use of essential oils has been documented in The Bible and in Cleopatra's diaries.
Essential Oils are inhaled and stimulate the nerve endings in the nose and activate the olfactory system.  The Olfactory system is connected with a complex set of brain structures located on both sides of the thalamus, under the cerebrum.  This area of the brain is known as the limbic system.  The limbic system supports the functions of emotion, behavior and memory.
The use of the term, "therapeutic" essential oils refers to the concentration of the essential oils.  Aromatherapy that has a lower concentration of essential oils is typically used for  fragrance only in perfumery and cosmetics.  Therapeutic grade essential oils have a higher concentration of the plant compounds and are used with the intent to promote optimum healing benefits.
Due to the lack of clinical case studies, there is no scientific proof that aromatherapy or essential oils prevent, treat or cure any kind of disease or illness, physically or mentally.
Marilyn Kraushar and Heaven's Hypnosis and Healing LLC does not sell or distribute any kind of aromatherapy or essential oil products.   Marilyn Kraushar and Heaven's Hypnosis and Healing LLC makes no statements or claims to the use of essential oils to prevent, treat or cure any disease or illness physically, mentally or emotionally.  The use of aromatherapy or essential oils by Marilyn Kraushar and Heaven's Hypnosis and Healing LLC is only for the purpose of enhancing the client's pleasure of the healing experience.

Although all of the modalities that are offered by Marilyn Kraushar and Heaven's Hypnosis and Healing LLC are beneficial in nature, they are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, illness or medical condition, physically, mentally or emotionally.  The modalities offered by Marilyn Kraushar and Heaven's Hypnosis and Healing LLC are not intended or meant to replace any kind of physical, mental or emotional treatment or procedure, but merely to compliment them.
If seeking a diagnosis, treatment or cure for any physical, mental or emotional disease, illness or condition, always consult a licensed health care professional such as a physician, psychiatrist or surgeon.

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